Good attendance....

04/02/2018 13:14

Thank you for praying for our attendance. We've seen several children, teens and two adults back in the past two weeks. Our visitor from the end of last year is back in attendance with her young daughter. Please pray that God will help her to keep coming. She made a profession of faith in Jesus last Thursday as Katie and Rebekah visited her in her home.

I preached from another Old Testament passage as I preached, "God's Burden is Mine" from Malachi 1. Malachi expressed the burden that God's servants carrry as they have a desire for God's people to get right with God. Interestingly we are either burdened for God's desire to be accomplished or we are part of the burden carried by God's servants. 

Prayer requests for this week. Katie has a ladies' meeting at our home tomorrow evening. I get to speak with two P4 classes (3rd grade) on Wednesday at a local public primary school. Next Sunday is our ministry at the Trust (assisted living facility.)

Thanks for praying!