Gorgeous day in Edinburgh.

14/04/2014 20:40

I took the bus into Edinburgh this morning to hand out some of our church literature. There were a lot of tourists in the city today. The schools are on holiday and there were many families out and about. It was also a gorgeous day which added to the numbers I'm sure.

It was a bit slow today.  I enjoyed meeting a young lady who has been saved for about five years. She was reading a book that had God in the title. I asked her what it was about and was encouraged to find out that she really knows Jesus. 

I spoke with a couple young men. One was offended and walked away encouraging the other to follow. He hesitated and said that he indicated he did appreciate what I was sharing with him. But, he headed away as well.

I spoke with a young man who was strongly atheistic. I told him that he was just the young man I was hoping to meet. Surely he would buy stock in my venture to build super computers by putting components in a room and then blowing them up with dynamite. I told him that he would just be gambling his money but that with evolution/atheism he was gambling his soul.

I met a young couple on a bench and spent a few minutes sharing with them why  it makes sense to believe in God and how I know God.

It seems like too little done and too many people. But, the Lord did help in some clear ways today. When no one seemed to be taking the flyer, I prayed in my heart and God began opening doors. I would have loved to have extended opportunities to share Christ but that never materialized today. But, I've got a greater prayer burden for it and trust that God will let that bear fruit in His timing. Thanks for praying with me as I seek to tell others about Jesus.