Gorgeous Day

14/02/2013 15:14

We have had a very beautiful day today. It was perfect for putting out flyers this morning and this afternoon. This morning I had some negative opportunities before I had a very positive opportunity. I was able to open my Bible and talk with a man for about 30 minutes. I believe he came to an understanding (but not acceptance yet) of the Gospel. He is facing a difficult time just now as he lost his job. He is also going to be a father in 4 weeks. Please pray that God will use this time to show Him His love and ability to provide. Although he lives 45 minutes away, he is going to try to attend our meeting on Tuesday. Please pray that he will come. 

We are nearing the completion of our flyer distribution. Tonight at church we are going to have a time of focused prayer as we get ready for the evangelistic meetings. My signs arrived today and are ready to be put into my A-board frames.

I just talked to a friend from the community and he is planning on coming on Monday. Thanks for praying.