Great Week Away

17/03/2018 13:12

Wow - ten days without an update. I think that is a record. I would have updated last Sunday but the internet was down and we were leaving on holiday. We had a good Sunday morning as it was British Mother's Day. Afterwards we helped Rebekah get ready to show a Christian film at the Trust. We then stopped by the house to load up, update webpage (which didn't happen) and head for a self catering cottage just South of Dumfries. 

Our holiday was very fun. Every night the boys were out on the deck with a torch *flashlight, to watch the many badgers that cruised through the Chalets. We saw badgers every night including when we were walking in the dark. :)

Special thanks to the Dillmans for filling in for us last Sunday PM and Thursday PM. Their help on Sunday gave us an extra day away. God's good. We are refreshed and ready to get back at it. Thanks for your prayers for our ministry and family.