Happy Valentine's Day!

14/02/2017 12:54

Today I got out to share the love of God in a village about 15 miles away. I was able to put out quite a few flyers in a couple of hours but didn't have any divine appointments. Every opportunity to speak with someone was a closed door. As I got in my car afterwards, I thought that walking for two hours and not having any conversations was unfortunate. But, I hadn't done much to try to get the Gospel to this village in comparison with the walk of Jesus to the cross. It is very sad that his huge effort to save mankind meets the same resistance as our feeble efforts.

I spoke with one man who told me that he didn't have time for it. He was an unbeliever who blamed the problems of the world on religion. (I hear this a lot.) I said to him as I was leaving, "I'm reading a book called, 'A Cloud of Witnesses' right now about Scots who died for their faith and this generation won't even take the time to read a Bible." 

Please pray for open doors for the Gospel and that God would bless the seed that was sown today. I trust somebody in that village today had a divine appointment with the Lord as they read the flyer. Thanks for praying.