Holly is here!

30/05/2018 13:09

My cousin, Holly, arrived today to do her college internship. She is a missions major at BJU. We're excited to have her with us for the next two and a half months. She'll be a big help through our annual busy season.

Don and I were able to get out and do flyers near our minsitry today in the village of Bonnyrigg. God gave us a wonderful divine appointment at the beginning of the day with a woman who used to attend our church with 5 of her children. She has moved over to this nearby village but we haven't seen her in over 3 years. Please pray that God would work out a way for her to get back to church. God was good to bring us accross one another's path today.

We put out around 400 flyers through mail slots. Please pray for lasting fruit from our labours.