Hungary friends

03/10/2012 22:50

We are enjoying having Missionaries Jim and Valerie Knies with us this week. They flew in from Budapest, Hungary yesterday. (And man were they tired....sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Today I took them into Edinburgh and played tour guide. The Lord gave a great divine appointment on the bus going into the city. Frazier (18) was sitting upstairs in the front of the double decker bus and so we took the three other front seats. I began speaking to Frazier about the Lord and witnessed to him for about 15 minutes. His only contact with religion is through what he had to learn for school. But, he believes in God and believes the Bible is His Word. He said when getting off, "Well, you've given me a lot to think about." Please pray that he won't stop thinking until he understands the truth.

We had a very sunny day and thoroughly enjoyed our trek around the city. I was able to witness again to the Guinness Book of World Records most pierced woman. She said, "Why is it that so many Christians come up to me to tell me about Jesus?" I told her, "It's because they love you and care about your soul." Praise God that our hearts turn towards someone who loudly demonstrates their need for our Lord. I told her that I would love to have her come visit our church.

Valerie enjoyed getting a musical saw lesson by an entertainer from Portugal. We also gave him a tract. It was a fun day. Please pray that God will bless Jim and Valerie as they enjoy this brief holiday. Please also pray for Brother Jim as he preaches for us on Sunday and introduces us to their ministry on Sunday night.