Is today the day?

25/04/2022 12:10

Well, I hope I can focus on my studies now.  My "impatience" allowed me to find out through email that the seller of the church building hopes to have an answer today. God is still God and God is still good no matter whether the answer is yes or no. We are committed to thanking Him (In everything give thanks) either way. We only want this building IF it is the will of God and we know that He can either open this door or close it. I will certainly update this page once we have a definite answer.

Meanwhile, God allowed me to put out 200-250 Gospel flyers this morning. It was an interesting morning as it was hot when the sun came out and cold when it went away. I had a couple short opportunities to engage with people in conversations about God. The best was with a young man who was preparing to smoke outside a flat. His paper cigarette is destroying his physical life (great expence, poor health etc.). The Gospel paper I gave him can give him eternal life and set him free from vices like cigarettes. Please pray for the power of the Gospel to be unleashed in our area and that we'll see young men like this trust Christ.

Thanks for following along and praying.