It's all a blurr.....

03/08/2013 14:14

We are really enjoying our time with the group that is here. The Lord gave us a great turn out for our Thursday night Kid's Club. I think there were 19 children present. (Two of the children are from the States.) That is wonderful as we get ready to go into the week of HBT.

Today we are putting out more flyers and getting everything ready for our ministry this next week. Skits are being practiced. Songs are being prepared. Craft materials have been organized. Game props are being assembled. etc. We had a few divine appointments this morning as we put out flyers. Praise the Lord. Now, this afternoon, we are getting ready to put a banner out by the road. Tomorrow evening we will be decorating the hall where we meet. 

Thanks for your prayers. God's good. We are anticipating the good work that He is going to do this next week.