Just happy to be in church....

20/05/2018 14:36

The start to this week was a little rough for me as I got a sudden stomache bug last night. Thankfully, we had guests from the States visiting our church today and he was able to do SS for me. I felt good this morning and God enabled as I preached the AM service. The message I preached from Romans 12:1-2 was entitled, "A Sacrifice Acceptable - or Not?" We may think God accepts our sacrifice and we may want Him to do so. But, to be a sacrifice which God accepts it must be what Paul described in those two verses. It was a good reminder to myself and I trust to our congregation.

We enjoyed having two young people from Australia spend two nights with us this week. The young man joined myself and Don as we put out flyers in Bonnyrigg. God gave me one really good divine appointment with a young father. Please pray that this man will read the John and Romans which I gave him. 

Callum (a teen in our church) joined Mac and I as we did door to door on Saturday. Katie was unable to go yesterday as she and our two oldest participated in a community craft fair. It was a good opportunity for them to be involved in our local community.

Thank you for your prayers. God has definitely helped us today.