Offer "unsuccessful"

25/04/2022 15:45

Thank you for praying with us about our desire for a permanent church location. We have now heard back from the closing date.

To make it simple, I'll paste below my email to our church family,

Dear church family,

Well, we have followed the Lord down a path of faith and God has allowed us to find some closed doors. 

Our solicitor notified us with the following statement, 

"Unfortunately, your offer at the closing date was un-successful."

The word, "unsuccessful" seems negative when all we want is what God wants. In reality success is "finding the will of God and doing it."

Paul tried to go into Asia and Bythinia, before the Spirit of God led them to Macedonia.

I'm thankful that I can honestly say I'm not disappointed although I long to see God's answer to our prayers.

Stay encouraged - God is faithful,


Hi Ben,
I hope you are well.
Unfortunately, your offer at the closing date was un-successful.
Fingers crossed for the next one.