Pictures from our holiday....

13/03/2017 11:32

Please click on the following link to view pics from our holiday on the Isle of Skye. (Link) You can also find them at the bottom of our photo gallery page.

I put flyers out in Rosewell this morning. Rosewell is a village about 5 miles from Loanhead. I had a short conversation with two men but nothing notable. It was a beautiful morning to get out. Please pray for divine appointments.

I also gave tracts to two men who were unloading a beer truck in front of our home. I said as I walked out my door, "That's a sad cargo" and shared with them the grief we have seen because of alcohol in our community.  One of them men agreed and called it demon drink. Please pray that God would work in those two men's hearts. Please also pray that God will close the pub accross the street. We have prayed about this for several years and have told those who run the pub that God is able to shut it down. 

Katie's ladies' meeting is this evening. Please pray for God to bless His Word. The Trust Service went very well yesterday. Two of the ladies who faithfully attend that are going to come down to the house and attend the ladies' meeting. This will be their first time if they are able to come.