Scottish Parliament

23/05/2022 12:14

For those who are unaware, Scotland has a devolved government. We are part of the United Kingdom and have MP's (Members of Parliament) at Westminster in London. We also have MSP's (Members of Scottish Parliament) in Edinburgh.

This morning I went to Holyrood (the Scottish Parliament building) and hand delivered 200 flyers (Open Letter to the Government) for the MSP's. It was kind of fun. I got to go in an entrance where a member of security unlocked and locked three gates. They scanned the flyers and set them with hand delivered mail. Please pray for God to work in the hearts of the parliamentarians. They "make the rules." And they are making many that are closing the door on religious liberties.

Please pray for wisdom as I seek to get the flyer into the hands of MP's (Members of Parliament, Westminster) as well. I don't believe they are ignorant that God's Word is against their position. They may be ignorant as to how clearly it is against their position.

I handed out the flyer as well for an hour and had a witnessing opportunity with Pedro. Please pray that he will visit the church in Aberdeen which I recommended. He did not promise he would. But, he had me write down the name of the pastor and my name in case he stopped in.

Thanks for praying. We need the power of God.