"The pub is my church."

01/05/2018 16:32

I'm not suprised by this statement. I'm just struck by how true it is. His god beats him, robs him, makes him sick to his stomach, seeks to wreck his family and relationships and he still bows down and serves him. I told him that I lived accross from a pub and saw how vile it is and told him God could deliver him. I know you're not suprised to find out that he doesn't want deliverance. I prayed as I walked away that God would awaken him to the folly of his position.

In more refreshing news, the Lord gave me a great opportunity today to share the Gospel. Please pray for this man as he seemed open to the truth. He agreed with some of the insights into the Word of God. I also had a good opportunity last night. I appreciate your prayers for divine appointments.