The work week....

09/11/2020 12:11

Our work week is busier this week. I've got a day of prayer tomorrow with three other missionary men. Kay Lee also has her driver's test tomorrow.... We've gotten a good start on the week. I was able to get out with flyers this morning. I didn't have any conversations, but put out 150 or so flyers.

God did give me a divine appointment yesterday with a man who has a Bible name. The Christian heritage of Scotland is evident when you consider all of the Bible names here. 

Also, a ten year old girl accepted Jesus as her Saviour last night. My daughter and I were dropping her back home and it was obvious that she was ready to trust Christ. Please pray for her as she grows in the Lord.

Our service was well attended last night and God gave us a great time together. I preached a message on Psalm 2, Observing God's Vote. It's awesome to look at  a 3,000 year old prophecy and to see it coming true before our very eyes. Praise God His Son will reign and the rebellion of this world against his authority is in vain.

Thanks for praying and following along.