utility week

18/03/2021 14:35

God has blessed our weather with high pressure this week. When high pressure is in charge we get prolonged spells of dry weather and usually some sunny days. We needed a few days of good weather to rebuild our driveway gates and stain them. This weather has been perfect for getting that job completed. We've had some great conversations with our neighbours as well.

I got out with flyers on Monday afternoon, but otherwise haven't gotten back out this week. The Journey has continued to go well. I have been encouraged by God's help in writing and presenting these segments. The two segments this week were, "Friendly God" and "Angry God." (Youtube Links) (They are also on Facebook and Sermon Audio.) Your prayers for this ministry are much appreciated and have been very helpful.

The response to the gifts being handed out for the ladies' has been very good. Katie is prayin and preparing for the ladies Zoom meeting this coming Saturday. Thanks for praying.