Door to Door

27/10/2018 16:04

God gave us a beautiful morning to get out and do door to door. We've just had a cold snap (in fact we just drove through our first snow shower) but it was very sunny this morning. An exciting thing this morning was having two adults plus myself and Katie out doing door to door. We have normally taken our children with us. Lord willing, in the near future, we will add the kids again to have several groups out doing door to door.

The Lord also gave us some wonderful divine appointments this morning. Lord willing, we will see some of those with whom we spoke come to church tomorrow. We had a special visitor with us on Thursday night as the spouse of one of our church members attended. It was great to have him in church. Thank you for your interest and prayers for FBC in Loanhead.

Edinburgh Outreach with Jack

24/10/2018 11:30

God blessed the outreach with Jack today. Please pray for this young man. It is fun to be with a new believer who is excited about sharing their faith in Jesus. We did evangelism in front of the building where Jack works. He said, "Now everyone will know that I'm a believer." Please pray for fruit from our labour. We had several good conversations. 

Evangelism is interesting these days. Most people have earbuds in their ears, looking at their phone in one hand and smoking the cigarette held in their other hand. It is also amazing how hard hearted men have become. Some were open, but many older people were very anti-God. May God graciously awaken these hard hearts! Thanks for your prayers.

The Dillmans are on the plane heading home and just texted a picture of a new born baby. Thanks for your prayers for them.


23/10/2018 12:16

We've been listening to a howling wind for the last 24 hours. We've had gusts in the 40's. That made life interesting as I did flyers this morning. The only casualty was my hat blowing off but thankfully coming to rest not too far away. I had one brief opportunity to speak with a man who stepped out on his porch with a coffee. He was briefly blown sideways. :) Please pray for God's blessing on His Word as it went out this morning. Lord willing, tomorrow morning Jack and I are going to do some evangelism in Edinburgh.

Glad to be back, but thankful for our time away.

21/10/2018 13:12

God blessed our family with a holiday in Wales this past week. It was great to be refreshed and to see God's amazing creation. The Lord provided a large portion of the cost of this trip through the kindness of some friends of ours. So - it was a gift from God which we really enjoyed and thank the Lord for His provision.

God gave us a good morning. I re-preached a message God put on my heart many years ago. I preached on Ezekiels vision of the Valley of Dry Bone in Ezekiel 37. We need to look around, look up and preach as Ezekiel did. I can't imagine a deader autience or a more life giving message! Please pray for life for the dead here in Scotland. 

As far as ministry goes, we are into a normal schedule. We have a youth activity on Friday as we always do on the 4th Friday of the month. Please pray for God to do a good work in the heart of our teens. Please pray as well for my  ministry next Sunday afternoon at Almond Valley Baptist Church. The Dillmans will be back in the States to meet their new grandbaby. I know they'd appreciate your prayers for their travels as well.

Children of Light

14/10/2018 13:03

God gave us a good morning. We have a lot of children in our ministry. Please pray for grace for them to be good without parental supervision. They were a bit squirrely today. We're glad they are there but want them to be there in obedience. 

My message this morning from Ephesians 5:1-21 was Walk as Children of Light

I just realized that I had not updated the page this week. It was mostly a study week as our family is getting a brief holiday this next week. Pastor Dillman and I did get out over in his area to put out Gospel flyers. We didn't have any notable conversations but enjoyed the fellowship of working together. We also joined his church for a prayer breakfast yesterday morning which was enjoyed by those who attended. Thank you for your prayers for Free Baptist Church and our family. They are much appreciated!

Wonderful Wedding

07/10/2018 13:19

God gave us a a wonderful wedding yesterday. Thank you for praying for Jamie and Rebekah's wedding. God blessed in every detail. Praise His Name. (I'll put a couple photo's below.)

The Lord gave us a good morning as well. It was good to have some former church attendees with us for a visit as they were up visiting from England. 

I preached this morning on Ezekiel 14, That They May Be My People. Separation is not juat a NT teaching as the OT is full of good passages like this one. God didn't want part of His people's heart. He wanted all of their heart. 

Tonight we are going to have a special communion service. We are going to obsere the Lord's table with pictures from Israel, Scripture reading and hymn singing. We do this occassionaly and it is a good focus upon the death of our Lord. 

We very much appreciate your prayers. Thank you for your part in this very special weekend of ministry.

Below: My bride and the bride, Rebekah, who was a wonderful part of our church. We'll miss her at our services. However, we are so very thankful that God has given her a Godly husband.

Outreach with Tommy and Teen Camp in Spain

02/10/2018 13:40

Mr. Woods (Tommy) and myself enjoyed some outreach this morning. We didn't put out a lot of flyers. However, the Lord gave me a wonderful opportunity to speak with a friend of mine in the community. I've prayed for him. He could have died last year in an accident but God preserved his life. We spoke for 25 minutes and God is working in His life. He is open and I believe searching for truth. Please pray that God will bring Him to salvation.

In other news, we booked flights today for our oldest two children to go to Spain in December for a teen retreat for missionary kids. God worked out the details and our kids are excited about attending. We'd appreciate your prayers for them that God would really use this in their lives. 

The first day of the week....

30/09/2018 13:35

It is a blessing to give God the first part of the week and to get to spend time with each other in the House of God. God gave us a very good morning. Our attendace was good today and God blessed our services. I preached a message this morning from Jeremiah 38 on "The Terms o f Surrender." God is at the table for anyone who wants conditions of peace with him. King Zedekiah could have chosen life, but he chose death. The prophet pleaded with him to accept God's terms but he would not. Thank you for your prayers.

We appreciate your prayers for our evening service as well. We've just begun a study of Proverbs. Tonight we be our second lesson as we seek to go through the Book.

We have a big event this Saturday and would appreciate your prayers for Jamie and Rebekah's wedding. We will be having the ceremony in a community located on the Firth of Forth in Fife. (smiling) I hope you were reading outloud when you got to that part.

God has blessed in the preparations thus far and I know Jamie and Rebekah would appreciate your prayers for their wedding and marriage. It's a joy to see a young couple get married who are both following the Lord.


26/09/2018 12:56

Yesterday I was able to put out Gospel flyers in Loanhead. I enjoyed speaking with the brother of a man who attends our church. I have often prayed for this man and it was a good opportunity to challenge his atheism. The Lord gave 4 other good platforms to share the Gospel or to speak about faith in God.

Today, Don Dillman and I went out again in Loanhead. It is a very blustery day but warm (for here.) We didn't have any great conversations but we were able to put out a good bit of literature. Thanks for your prayers for our Gospel outreach.

Evangelism in Edinburgh

24/09/2018 15:05

I spent the morning at the New College LIbrary in Edinburgh and handed out some Gospel flyers to and from there. It was a tough day - it seems, as I didn't have any really open conversations. I attempted to witness to a man from Sweden who was sitting beside a statue of David Livingstone. The piper behind him near the road was playing, "Amazing Grace" on his bagpipes and a Baptist preacher was seeking to speak to him about Jesus (me.) Please pray that God awakens his heart.

The best opportunity was with two soldiers. As I spoke to them, I do believe that there was a genuine interest and a false bravado. The one asked me about a friend of his who changed overnight. To me, it seems that the man genuinely converted to Christ and I told this man so. That conversion obviously impressed this man who asked me why I thought this other soldier had changed. It was a great question for telling him how God can and has changed men's lives. Please pray for their hearts to be awakened as well.

God's good to give opportunitites to witness. Please pray for God to continue to give open doors (divine appointments) for the Gospel!  (Below is a series of pics taken by Raj's mum of his baptism.)

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