Day 4 and Day 5

10/08/2018 13:42

Well.... HBC is over for another year. :) It is always a lot of fun, a lot of effort and rewarding. God has helped our church people to really step up and get involved. We ran our own HBC this year and it went really well. We had a total of 34 children plus a few adults present for at least one day of HBC. Most of the kids were there most of the days. We had attendance in the low to mid 20's daily.

Thank you so much for your prayer participation. We had 3 children tell us that they prayed this week to ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins and to save them. I would appreciate your prayers for our ministry on Sunday as it is our busy Sunday with 4 services. I've got a cold and would appreciate your prayers for my voice. One mother who attended this week with her children has said that she plans to visit this Sunday with her son. She is a believer who was saved 5 years ago. Another lady contacted us this week and wants to visit the church. Please pray for us as we meet her, Lord willing, next week.

Another special blessing this week was having family members of church members out to our church for the first time. Please pray that these grandsons will want to keep coming.

Day 2 and Day 3

08/08/2018 14:02

God has given us a significant increase in children the last two days. Yesterday was our highest attendance with 25 children. We have now had a total of 29 children attend. One 9 year old girl who has been attending for several months told me that she prayed yesterday and asked God to forgive her for her sin. Please pray for her as we seek to follow up and see if she has genuinely understood the Gospel. The children listened very well today. Thank you for praying!

Holly is currently on a plane bound for home. It was a blessing to have her here doing her internship! Please pray for God's blessing on her life as she follows after Him.

HBC Day 1

06/08/2018 13:22

We had fun today with the children God brough out to our first day of HBC in Loanhead. We have started the week with 17 children. 2 of them were first time visitors. There was a good attitude among the kids and the program ran very well. Thank you for praying.

A good start to our busy week....

05/08/2018 13:14

The Lord gave us a good start to a very busy week. We had pretty good attendance this morning although several of our children were missing. We gave a book (A Scottish Christian Heritage) as a thank you gift to Holly as well as a love offering from the church and thanked her for her ministry this summer. She heads back to the USA on Wednesday. Please pray that God will watch over her on her travels.

I preached this morning on, Proverbs 1:20-33, Live Wisely or Die Foolishly. It strikes me as the Gospel in the Old Testament. It certainly answers the question of why it is difficult to see people get saved.

Tonight we have a prayer/praise/Lord's supper service followed by set up for our Holiday Bible Club in Loanhead. Our club runs Monday - Friday from 10:30 - 12:30. We're going to pray specifically that we can reach families. Please pray with us about that.

Thank you for your prayers. Nelson has done very well this week with no further migraines, praise the Lord. I need to get to the Apple store to ask why my phone is not recording through the audio input jack. Lord willing, that prayer request will be answered soon as well. The audio quality was pretty good today despite not recording directly to my phone.

Outreach update

31/07/2018 11:16

God has given a couple very good divine appointments recently.

In Germany I was out walking pretty early in the morning and God allowed me to speak with Michael. I spoke with him for 25 minutes about God and the Gospel. Please pray for God to awaken his heart. He was very intent on what I was sharing.

Sunday I had the opportunity to speak with the step father of a girl who attends our church. God had prepared his heart a bit as he had just watched a documentary on Noah's ark. Please pray that this man will come to saving faith. We also spoke for over 20 minutes

Yesterday, we took the day to show Holly the Highlands. On our way we stopped at "The Green Welly." I had a divine appointment with a lady from Belarus. She is Buddhist. She is the second devout budhist I have witnessed to in the past week. (God gave me a divine appointment on our return flight with a Buddhist from Thailand.) Please pray for God's great grace to awaken these hearts as well.

This morning, Benson, Kay Lee, Holly and Nelson, helped me put out flyers in Loanhead. God gave a few divine appointments. One was with the grandmother of a lad who attended our HBC in Auchendinny last year. Hopefully, he will come to our Loanhead one next week. Another was with a man to whom I witnessed over 6 years ago. The conversation is still vivid in both of our minds and I remembered his name. Please pray for Peter. Another was with a lady I witnessed to a year ago. Please pray that Helen will visit our church. God's good to help me remember these names and to give further opportunities. Thank you for praying for these witnessing opportunities.

Back from Germany

29/07/2018 12:50

God gave us grace as we went to Germany and back. It was wonderful to be with the Baptist World Mission family. The preaching and teaching were just what we needed and the fellowship was great. Dr. Steadman taught the adults and men. Different ladies helped fill in for the ladies' class as Mrs. Steadman had a last minute need with her mother. Pastor and Mrs. Stoekman from Pensylvania took the teen class. Miss Cindy Bunker taugh the children with Holly's (our intern) assistance. 

Thank you for praying for our travels. There were some hinderances that definitely seemed from the enemy - But God helped us through them all. God is good.

I preached a message this morning on revival from  2 Chronicles 29 which I entitled, "Preparing for revival."  We definitely want to see God work. Please pray that we will do our part in cleansing the temple. Thank you for praying for our family and ministry.

2 prayer requests:

Nelson has been having regular very bad headaches/ migraines. He has vomited because of these several times in the past 6 weeks. He was pretty ill at camp and is still having headaches since we returned home.

Other prayer requests - I'm having difficulty getting my sermons to record through my audio equipment directly to my phone. The app I'm using is not always hooking up correctly. This impacts the quality of our sermon audio. Please pray for wisdom to get this sorted. It worked correctly last week but not this week. I've been recording this way for a couple of years but have had this hickup for the last couple of months. Thank you for praying for these practical needs.

Visitors from Kansas today.

22/07/2018 13:16

The Lord gave us 4 visitors from Kansas today. It was a blessing to have a young couple, his mum and her sister with us. Please pray for God's blessing as they spend some time in Scotland.

We had good attendance today and a good spirit. I enjoyed preaching on, "Get Your Soil Right" from the parable of the Sower in Matthew 13. It is good for us to remember when frustrated with evangelism that there is a reason why it is seemingly ineffective. Please pray that God will chuck rocks and thorns out of our harvest field. Please also pray for people to get into the field (and off of the roadway) where the seed in being sown. We've love to have unbelievers coming regularly to our church. 

God is good. We'd appreciate your prayers for our family as we leave soon on a trip to Germany. We're looking forward to what God is going to do in our hearts this week at Baptist World Mission family camp.

Group outreach....

17/07/2018 14:02

It was fun to have 6 of us out doing flyers this morning. Tommy stuck around after our men's prayer time and did flyers with us. Rain came as we were getting started but it didn't impede our progress. We just jumped in and out of the van and did some flats in Loanhead. I had a five minute witnessing opportunity with a 19 year old young man. I asked him why Jesus died and he said, "for our sins." Interestingly, he had heard that God had died for our sins in a contemporary song. After he heard those lyrics it seems he looked it up and realized it was Jesus. I thought he had gotten it in R. E. (Religious Education) class. Please pray for God to turn on the Light for that young man.

Sunday with the Andersons

15/07/2018 13:12

God gave us a wonderful Sunday morning. It was a joy to have two children from HBC with us for their first time. We also had 5 other adult visitors with us from a nearby nursing home. That was a special blessing. Pastor Andersons preached a good message from 3 John which unfortunately did not get recorded. 

Thank you for praying for our services today. God gave us an encouraging morning.

Day 4 and Day 5

14/07/2018 10:29

Wow - what a fun week God gave to us with special blessings every day. The best part of the week is that we had first time visitors every day. In total we had 23 children with a dozen of those being first time visitors. This is not our church location and that attendance was remarkable. I anticipate seeing several of these children in church. Please pray that they will come. They loved HBC and did very well taking in the truth of God's Word.

Yesterday, Pastor Steve Anderson and his wife, Martha, arrived. He will be preaching in our AM and PM services tomorrow. It's been fun to catch up with them as they are dear friends. 

Our next big event is our family traveling to Germany for BWM family camp later this month. Please pray for God's great blessing on that week of camp. Dr. Steadman will be preaching.

Thank you for praying for the Auchendinny HBC.


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