The Journey - Essential Items

04/05/2020 15:14

God has given opportunities to point people to our church facebook several times this past weekend. We've also heard from several in our local area who have seen our painted sign. Please pray for God to glorify His name and connect us with many through these online platforms.

The Lord helped me do a second segment for The Journey. I titled it, "Essential Items." I appreciate your prayers for God's leading as I seek to put these together.

7th Lockdown Sunday

03/05/2020 08:56

God has given us some encouragement lately. He gave me a divine appointment right after I finished posting my last update. Please pray that God will open the heart of a friend who took time to speak about God.

Please also join us in praying for a 15 year old girl in our neighbourhood that has Covid-19. I'm praying for her healing and for God to protect our neighbourhood.

Here are some links to our online ministry. 

Katie's SS lesson on Thomas.

My Sunday Morning message is, "Increasing Christ" from John 3:22-36. It's a story from a day in the life of John the Baptist.

I also did a fun video this week of a solo brass quartet. It opened the door last night to share our page with someone in our community.

We continue to see new "likes" on our facebook within our local area. Please pray that God will connect people in our area with the Gospel through our church ministry. Thanks for your vital part of our ministry in Scotland. Scotland needs your prayers!

"The Journey"

01/05/2020 10:54

I have been praying for divine appointments this week, but haven't yet had an opportunity to share the Gospel. The Lord used that burden to help me start a series of short evangelistic videos I've entitled, The Journey. I prepared our first video today, "COVID Hope." We've put this video on as our Facebook advertisement. 

I'm enjoying praying with different missionary men each week and we are seeing God take us into new uncharted waters with technology. Thank you for your prayers for technological giftedness. Please pray for the power of God upon this project and that there will be much fruit. "Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit. So shall ye be my disciples." 

God has encouraged us in this new work. Thank you for your prayers.

Good fellowship this week....

30/04/2020 08:06

It has been a week of good online fellowship. Our family was able to be with my youth pastor's church this past Sunday. On Sunday night we had a good turnout for our Zoom Bible Study and last night we had good attendance at our Zoom prayer meeting.

On Tuesday I enjoyed prayer time with several Scottish missionaries. On Tuesday afternoon Don Clough (up in Fochabers, Scotland) hosted a fellowship meeting online. Our family participated by singing twice. Danny Olmstead and Jody Hodnett preached and about ten families were represented. On Wednesday I also enjoyed the prayer time with the men in Ireland. 

It's a blessing in these days of isolation not to be isolated. Thank you for praying for our ministry online.

Katie is doing a missionary story - George Mueller - with her lesson. The facebook feed is on our homepage. She'll be uploading a lesson today.

Our Bible study in James was on James 5:1-6, Certain Misery. James has in those verses a severe warning for those who loved money instead of loving God.


6th Sunday

26/04/2020 07:30

In my Sunday morning service videos I'm counting the Sundays in isolation and we have hit number 6. I'd say time flies when you're having fun.... but.....  However, God is giving us grace to have fun in our lock down. Our hearts go out to those who are really suffering during these days.

Here are the video links to our services today.

I preached a message on 1 Timothy 4:12-16, HOPE for Good Examples. Hope is an acrostic (Hold up good examples, Observe good examples, Practice good examples, Examine your example.) Please pray for God to work in each heart that listens in. 

Katie is continuing her lessons on the story of Christ.  Please pray that children will tune in and that their little hearts will be tender to Jesus. 

In all of our ministry, please pray for fruit that will remain. We expecially desire to have people contact us from our community. It's hard to know who is being impacted, but we do know that people are tuning in. Your prayers for God's blessing upon His work in Loanhead are much appreciated.

Watching paint dry....

25/04/2020 11:43

God has helped us with a project this past week as we've had constant sunshine. It's pretty rare in Scotland to get a string of sunny days with very little cloud cover. That sunshine has gerated a bit of heat (50's) allowing us to paint our garage inside. We have a cement floor and block walls. Even with the "heat" it has taken 2-3 days between coats of paint. Meanwhile all of our stuff is in our driveway. :) I'm looking forward to getting everything moved back into the freshly painted garage.

Our lives haven't slowed down much since isolation. Recording and uploading messages plus our Zoom services are keeping us very busy. I had one divine appointment yesterday which was refreshing amidst lock down. Please pray for God to work in that man's heart. 

Here are the links to our services last night.

Study in James

Kid's Class

Thanks for praying.

Prayer Times

22/04/2020 15:42

For the last few weeks, I've enjoyed fellowshipping and praying weekly on Wednesdays with about 10 other missionaries who are in Ireland. (Ireland isn't far away...expecially online.) God gave us another sweet time together today. 

He also blessed our Scottish missionary men with a good prayer time yesterday. That was our first weekly prayer meeting which will continue on Tuesdays until the isolation is over. There were five of us who were able to get together and pray.

A special prayer request would be for a Scottish fellowship meeting hosted by Don Clough (pronunciation rhymes with plow.) Our family will participate with the special music. There will be two preachers and other special music as well. 

The missionary men are all chomping at the bit to get back to ministry without social distancing measures keeping our churches apart. Please pray that God will hasten our return and/or continue to give great grace to our ministries. Thank you for your prayers.

The Fifth Sunday Online

19/04/2020 08:02

Wow, here we are on our 5th Sunday as a church in isolation. Amazingly a month has passed and they've extended our isolation for 3 weeks. Praise God, He knows how everything is going to work out. 

The message God put on my heart for this Sunday is, "The Greatest Mistake" from Psalm 49. (Link to audio) Like some of the Gospels this Psalm is a warning to those who trust in their possessions instead of in the Lord.

Katie is continuing her children's lessons with the story of Christ following the Resurrection.

On Thursday in our study of James we looked at "The Place of Grace" from James 4:6-10.

I've enjoyed praying with the missionary men in Ireland on Wednesdays. Please pray for God's power upon that prayer time. Also, I've started a Tuesday prayer time for the missionary men in Scotland. Your prayers for that time are appreciated as well.

Beautiful Week

15/04/2020 14:24

We are very thankful that our weather has been lovely ever since our lockdown. (mostly) It's a cooler but wonderfully sunny week we have going just now. Praise the Lord!

I enjoyed fellowship and prayer with some fellow missionaries in Ireland today. They are meeting weekly and have invited me to participate. These men are good friends as we annually go to Ireland for a mens' camp. It was a blessing to hear how God is working in their lives during these days.

Katie and I also had a good meeting via Zoom with the fields committee of Baptist World Mission. Thank you for praying. We were to have been with them on Monday in Minnesota. God kept all of us from driving through a snow storm which that area received this past weekend. We were encouraged and enjoyed seeing each of these pastors.

Please continue to pray for God's grace for recording, uploading etc. Katie and I both faced technical difficulties today with our uploads. I'm pretty sure that some extra spiritual gifts have been given out to God's servants since Covid-19 took place. We've sensed God's enablement and covet His grace. Thanks for praying.

If you would like to see our family recording of, "He Said Arise" - Here is a link.

Happy Resurrection Sunday

12/04/2020 09:00

Praise the Lord! He is risen indeed! May God bless you and give you a wonderful day being reminded of the powerful eternal life of Jesus.

The message I recorded for today is from Luke 24, Resurrection Proofs and Truths.

Video Link

Audio Link

Katie's children's SS class is also available -  video link. 

You may have noticed that we added facebook to our homepage. Katie makes a lot of nice verse cards that are posted weekly. You'll find those in the scroll box on our homepage.

One of our furlough responsabilities was to meet with BWM. Because of technology we are able to have that meeting tomorrow even though we are here. Please pray that God will give us a wondeful meeting with our mission board. It's always an encouragement to spend time with some of the men on Baptist World Mission board.

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