British Summer Time Begins

31/03/2019 15:58

As much as I don't enjoy losing an hour of sleep, I'm very thankful to reach the time of year when the sun is up longer. We sprang ahead today. We enjoyed having a visiting minister and his wife with us from Texas. Their son is getting married in Scotland tomorrow. It was a blessing to have them in the service. I preached this morning on "His Workmanship" from Ephesians 2:1-10. God gave us a good service. Thank you for praying for our ministry today.

Rosewell nearly complete

27/03/2019 11:09

Pastor Don Dillman and I were able to get a good number of flyers put through mailslots this morning. We didn't have any significant opportunities to share the Gospel verbally. But, we enjoyed the fellowship with one another and the opportunity to get the Gospel into people's homes. Please pray for God to protect the seed that was sown and to open the eyes of their understanding in Rosewell. Catholicism is not the biggest religion in Scotland - unlike may places elsewhere. However, Rosewell has a very large Catholic church. Please pray for those who are religious in this community to understand that salvation is by grace through faith.


Wow - divine appointment.

25/03/2019 12:24

God gave Tommy and I an incredible divine appoinment this morning in Rosewell. A woman passed us on the pavement and I gave her a Gospel flyer. She could have gone her way several times, but God didn't allow her to do so until the following happened. Tommy said, "Can I tell you how God worked in my life...." As he shared his testimony, he referred to his home area of Danderhall. She said, "Oh, I'm from Danderhall." Tommy said that his Granny lived on the main street. She said that her granny lived on the main street and asked his surname. He said, "Woods" and she said that Woods was her maiden name. As it turned out, it was the same grandmother. Their dads were brothers! It was his first cousin. Wow! 

God gave us one other VERY good divine appoinment with an older catholic woman. He also gave us two other decent opportunities. One was with a man with whom I had shared the Gospel about 3 years ago. He was sitting on his steps just like last time. He remembered the opportunity as he knows a man who attends our church. The other was with a young man who came out for his morning cigarette. He spoke duragatorily about God's Word but God gave a brief opportunity to good naturedly confront his unbelief. Please pray for God to awaken his heart.

Last Thursday evening God gave a great opportunity to share the Gospel with the father of a young girl who attends our church. Please pray for God to awaken this father's heart. He shook my hand and thanked me for our conversation.

God gave us a wonderful missions Sunday with the Calin family. If you'd like to hear the Sunday morning message, please click on the following link. Thanks for praying for this special day. 

Pray for the village of Rosewell

20/03/2019 11:18

I started putting flyers through Rosewell this morning. Our area has many little villages. They had their beginning as coal mining villages until the mines closed in the 1960's. I met one elderly woman who is born again. She got saved at 13 in Edinburgh. There were people in her community who were burdened to work with children. Praise God! Their ministry bore fruit. I put out around 150 flyers through two new housing area. I'll probably need to go back two more times to get every house in the village. Thanks for praying.

Good prayer time

19/03/2019 18:40

Thank you for praying for our day of prayer in Blair Atholl. God gave us 6 guys and we had sweet fellowship in prayer this morning and this afternoon. I'll attach a couple pics from the village. The first is of the village hall where we met for prayer. The second is down the main street.

An interesting morning....

17/03/2019 13:11

Well, we didn't hit any attendance records today. One family who regularly attends our ministry is currently without transportation and they live a long ways away. Another family was up in Dundee with a relative who is in hospital. So, we were thankful for those who could make it this morning and God gave us a good service. I preached this morning on 2 Kings 6:8-23, Open Our Eyes. The servant of Elisha is panicked because of the enemy he can see. What he needed to see, could not be seen without God's help. Elisha prayed and God opened the servants eyes.

We have a couple events this week for which we would appreciate your prayers. The first is a day of prayer for ministers which will take place on Tuesday in Blair Atholl. Please pray for God God's great blessing upon that day. The other is for the Calin (pronounced cah - leen) family, missionaries to Romania who will be with us this Sunday. It will be a special Sunday as we have a church luncheon. 

Thank you for praying for Free Baptist Church in Loanhead and for our family.

Hello again....

14/03/2019 09:46

Wow! So, here we are at the other end of a very big project. Thank you so much for praying for our kitchen remodel. It went incredibly well and God's hand was evident. God gave us just the right weather when we needed it. Our weather has been very poor for the past couple of weeks. High winds and rain have been the norm. However, when we needed to cut the tiles outside, the countertop outside, etc. we had the weather we needed. 

God's blessed us with a nice home and we enjoy using it for him. Please pray for the Stefan Calin family to Romania who will be with us 23-25 March. They will be presenting their ministry at our church. The busy ministry season is coming. April is men's camp and Ladies afternoon tea. May is our family conference with Dr. steadman. June is our football tournament. A church mission team will be spending a week with us to help us with that event. So, we appreciate your prayers ahead of time for what God is going to do.

I moved stuff out of the way to get the pictures below. We completed the kitchen last night. HUGE THANK YOU TO MY BROTHER IN LAW, NATE METCALF, AND UNCLE, JOHN PIERSCHBACHER. We so enjoyed their being here and profited immensely from their skilled labour. God's good and we thank Him for His help, provision and guidance for this project. It was a blessing as well to have my brother-in-law preach in SS and Sunday PM. Nate was an assistant pastor for about 15 years (or so) and is now over the mainenance at Camp Joy in Whitewater, WI.


10/03/2019 13:08

We are very thankful to have family around for a little while. My brother-in-law preached in SS and will preach this evening as well. That is both helpful and a blessing to our church. This afternoon is our ministry at The Trust, an assisted living facility.

God gave us a good morning. The message this morning from 2 Timothy was on godliness with power. Paul had a dynamic walk with God that was contrary to the world in which he lived. It was also in contrast to much of professed religion.

Thank you for praying for the kitchen remodel. It has gone very well. I'll put some pics below to show you the progress.

Kitchen Update

04/03/2019 11:45

Thank you for praying for our kitchen project. God helped us to get the floor down. We also had the ceilings plastered on Saturday. It's fun to see it all coming together. I'll put some pictures below. The dark stains on the ceiling is where the plaster is still drying. It doesn't look smooth but it is very smooth. We won't be able to paint it until it is all light colored. My brother-in-law, Nate Metcalf, and my uncle, John Pierschbacher, arrive tomorrow. This week is going to be focused on a kitchen instalation. Thank you praying for this project. God's hand has been evident.

Tonight is our monthly ladies' meeting. Please pray for Katie as she leads that ministry this evening.


First Sunday of March

03/03/2019 13:16

We're enjoying faithful attendance in our church and are thankful for each one God has brought our way. We seem to have added a family and we rejoice in God's goodness to us.

I preached this morning from  Philippians 4, "Philippi Missions Program, " on developing a missions program like the one at the church at Philippi. The Epistles of Paul are fruit to their account as they supported the man (missionary) who wrote them.

Thank you for praying for God's blessing and enablement today. God gave us a great morning.

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