Outreach update....

23/10/2019 11:45

God has given us good weather for evangelism this week as the rain is away. On Monday I did some evangelism in the heart of Edinburgh around Princess St. God gave me two good witnessing opportunities as I handed out leaflets. The first was with three 15 year olds who listened while being a bit uncomfortable thinking about God, the Bible, Jesus, etc. They each thanked me as we finished speaking. 

The second was with two muslim men from Sudan. Please pray that God will really convict their heart about the false idea that God can forgive with punishing sin. Praise God, Jesus paid the punishment for our sin SO THAT forgiveness is possible. 

Yesterday I did evangelism by putting out flyers in Edinburgh a couple miles from our church. I saw the postman, Henry, again. I had prayed for him that morning and trust God will bring him to salvation. I had a divine appointment with two elderly women.

Today I was back in the same area and had one opportunity to speak with a man who was power washing his drive. He was cordial and though our conversation was brief, the truth that was share is able to open his heart. Please pray for a harvest for our labours. Thank you for your prayers.

Still busy....

20/10/2019 13:11

I have the privilige of filling pulpit for Don Dillman this afternoon in their ministry in Livingston. We appreciate your prayers for God's blessing in this 3:00 PM (5 hours ahead of EST) ministry.

God gave us very good attendance this morning in SS and Sunday morning. We're in a precious place in our study of Romans as we are examining our priviliges as children of God. I preached a message on "Possess the Good Land" from Moses instruction to the Children of Israel as he prepared them to enter the promised land. As long as their heart was kept right with God, the would possess the land. Idolatry would signal a departure from the land. There was a very good spirit in the service and after church. Thank you for your prayers for God's blessing upon our ministry. 


15/10/2019 11:30

I was able to get out to do flyers this morning. Our wet weather continues and I'm thankful that this morning was clear. I may not be able to get out tomorrow morning because of rain.

God gave me a neat divine appointment. About three weeks ago I handed a postman a flyer. I prayed for him and had a second opportunity to see him about two weeks ago. I had a third opportunity to see him this morning and I asked him about the flyer which he had read. He told me an interesting story which happened after meeting me the first time. He found out that another Baptist minister, which he knows lived in the neighborhood where I met him. God is obviously reaching out to this man. Please pray for Henry's salvation. I left a copy of John and Romans with him this morning.

The rest of my time out was pretty unexceptional. I put out around 250 flyers. We had visitors in our church this past Sunday from flyers which we put out 3 months ago. Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying for our evangelism.

Some divine opportunities....

14/10/2019 14:48

The Lord gave me two really good opportunities to share the Gospel as I handed out some Gospel flyers in the heart of Edinburgh. The first was with a young German who is here to study English for a couple of weeks. I spoke with him for around 20 minutes about God's revelation in nature and in His Word. It was a good conversation and he was interested in some of the things I showed him in my Bible.

The second conversation was with a Northern Irish young man who is studying in Northern England. His sister is born again and has spoken with him about it. God gave us a good brief conversation. Thank you for praying for divine appointments.

Busy Sunday....

13/10/2019 13:17

Today is our busy Sunday as we get ready for our afternoon service at the assisted living facility in Loanhead. It was an interesting morning. We expected a young couple from Canada to visit. Instead we had a young couple from two miles away and a young couple from Wisconsin. Isn't that interesting. It caused me a bit of confusion but we got over it. Please pray for the young couple from nearby. Lord willing, we will see them again.

I preached this morning on the middle of the three judgments of King Jesus. 1) The Judgment Seat of Christ 2) The Judgment of the Nations 3) The Great White Throne Judgment. I preached on the Judgment of the Nations from Jesus words in Matthew 25:31-46. My message was, "Ready to Go Away." God gave us a good service. Thank you for praying.

Yesterday, our family enjoyed attending a harvest banquet at a sister church in Fochabers (pronounced the ch with a hard k sound.) Please pray for the Baptist Church there to grow and put down deep roots. It is a 3 year old church plant of good friends of ours, Don and Tabitha Clough and kids. Their ministry is almost 4 hours north of us nearer Inverness. The had a visitor come this morning who attended the banquet yesterday. Praise the Lord!

Outreach Update

08/10/2019 10:45

I was able to get out this morning to do flyers. We are thankful for a little bit of dry weather as we have had a lot of rain lately. It was pretty windy this morning which is not conducive to conversations. However, I had some witnessing opportunities yesterday as I went to Edinburgh University Library. My heart goes out to all the college students who need Jesus. I handed out flyers and witnessed. God gave me three witnessing opportunities. Please pray for God to awaken the hearts of this next generation. 

The ladies' meeting went well last night. Attendance wasn't high. But, Katie enjoyed sharing God's Word with the ladies who were able to come. Thank you for praying.


Good Lord's Day Inside

06/10/2019 13:20

We are thankful today for indoor services as it is very wet outside this morning. God gave us a good service which was well attended despite the weather. I preached this morning on "Faith's Purchasing Power" from Jeremiah 32 where God has Jeremiah purchase some property by faith. God is developing our music ministry at our church. The kids are growing up and singing parts. Kay Lee and Benson are also playing their instruments (violin and trombone) in our services. Three of my kids sang with me this morning before our service. We sang, "God Leads Us Along." It is on the beginning of our sermon audio if you would like to hear it.

We'd appreciate your continued prayers as we have the Lord's table tonight and a Ladies' meeting at our home tomorrow night. Thank you for your part in supporting our ministry.

building update

01/10/2019 11:45

Thank you for your prayers regarding the building in Loanhead. God has given us a lot of good help which has benefit now and in the future. We were given a closing date for offers which is this Thursday. Our prayer is that if God has this building for us, it would remain on the market. I'm going to ask the seller to notfiy us if they do not accept any of the offers which are presented this Thursday. I don't know if there is a way forward for us or not. We're going to keep praying about it.

I was able to get out doing flyers this morning after meeting with someone regarding the building. It was cold, wet and windy! I didn't have any lengthy conversations this morning. But, I was able to put out around 150 flyers. Thank you for praying for our evangelism.

A new quartet....

29/09/2019 13:12

God has brought us a tenor. :) With the coming of Blake, we are now able to have 4 part harmony. Benson's voice is now allowing him to sing bass. I get to sing high tenor and Tommy is singing the lead. If you want to hear a little bit from our quartet this morning (Rock of Ages) it is on the beginning of our sermon audio. 

I enjoyed preaching a message on the Passover which I entitled, A Night to Be Ready. I only had two points this morning. 1) Some are ready. 2) Some are not. 

God gave us a good morning with strong attendance and good attention to the Word of God. Thank you for praying for our ministry today!

Catching up with life....

26/09/2019 10:40

This week has been a utility week to catch up on some things. One thing which has taken up some time this week is our pursuit of a permanent church location. Please continue to pray with us about the former clinic building in Loanhead. 

I was able to get out for a short while this morning to put out some Gospel flyers. It felt really good to pound the pavement for a little while. Please pray that the Gospel seed will go forth with power in Scotland.

Please pray for the Webbs as they travel back to the States today. I believe they begin another week of meetings on Sunday.

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