Monday ministry...

28/02/2022 13:42

God held off the rain this morning and it was good weather for outreach. I put out 250-300 flyers this morning. God encouraged me as I listened this morning to a couple messages by Pastor Jerry Ross. I don't know him, but my daughter recommended a couple messages he had preached at Ambassador. I very much appreciate his heart for the Lord.

God gave me one divine appointment. I passed a woman walking her dog. I actually passed her three times and chatted with her in passing each time. The final time she came past I spoke with her. She believes in God, but said that she has her own beliefs. I encouraged her to anchor her beliefs on what God says in His Word and gave her a copy of John and Romans. She knows our church location and enquired about our service times. I'd love to see her attend.

Our visiting family was back last night and the father has an unexpected (to him) hunger for God's truth. I'm meeting with him tomorrow. Please pray for God to do a glorious work in this family. We're so thankful to have them attending.

Wow - what a nice day!

27/02/2022 14:24

We have had windy weather and stormy weather for most of February. Our outdoor signs have been wrecked by the wind with laminated posters blown away and frames bent. Today was calm and sunny - it was amazing. It was a blessing to put out our signs and not wonder if they would remain standing.

It was also a blessing to have a family back with us who have often misssed recently due to illness. Lord willing, we are all turning the corner on these coughs and colds.

I preached this morning from Psalm 111 on "The Lord's Work." We looked at 12 reasons to participate in the Lord's work. 

Our door to door yesterday morning was encouraging as we followed up. I believe we are close to seeing another contact family visit the church. Please pray that God will bring them out. We've enjoyed getting to know them and believe that they will visit. Thanks for praying.


23/02/2022 21:52

I don't often give a Wednesday evening update.... not sure why... But, we had a visitor tonight. The mother and kids came with the father tonight. Praise the Lord! It was great to have the whole family in church this evening.

On Wednesday, we are studying the book of 1 Timothy. I preached tonight on "A Worthy Goal." (currently uploading, but already livestreamed to Facebook - Free Baptist, Lothian.) God's good. It was good to see an attendance increase for our midweek. We have been praying about that.


23/02/2022 09:29

God gave me a divine appointment Monday morning as I got out with flyers in a village very near our church location. It's interesting to me that people know the term, "Agnostic." I guess they have thought enough about God to decide that they believe in Him but do not accept who He says He is. It wasn't a long conversation with this young agnostic man, but he did take a Gospel of John and Romans.

Yesterday Tommy (from our church) met up with me and we put out flyers for about an hour. We didn't speak with anyone but enjoyed the fellowship as we did the Lord's work.

Today we are under a wind advisory with blustery showers turning to snow later. We've had an incredibly windy last 3 weeks. Today the wind speeds can hit 70's mph. :) Better put some rocks in your pockets if you are out and about. Before the three named storms of this past week, they said the UK had lost 8 million trees already this winter.

Last week our church sign posters were blown out of our sign. They were new ones that I had put in two weeks ago.  Another A-board sign was damaged. I had tied it to a post. The rope snapped but not before bending the sign. Please pray for wisdom for us as signs are very necessary to guide people into our church building. 

Us and 1

20/02/2022 12:53

Well, you don't always get the attendance you hope to get. Today was a day like that. We had several who were unable to be in attendance due to illness. We had one other man and our family present today. I share that to make you aware that sometimes you can have ministry disappointments, but it's ok. God is still good, is still building His church, and has given us numerical encouragement this past week with new contacts. Please keep praying.

I preached a Gospel message this morning on Judas, who was "Born, but not Again." It's amazing how poor a trade Judas made for his soul and for how little it satisfied him.

We very much appreciate your prayers. Mac's cough is much better and God blessed us with a great week of HBC. We also had some good door to door opportunities yesterday. The best opportunity was sharing the Gospel with a Catholic woman. Please pray for fruit that will remain.

PS. We had 8 others plus our family tonight (15 in total) with some still absent due to illness. I thought I'd add that update - so that you don't feel badly for us. We do have a good church family but we need to see everyone get well.

fun ministry week

16/02/2022 21:47

God is blessing our week. Our 2 Bible college students have a reading week this week. So, they are able to help with HBC. The young mother who visited on Sunday is also helping us every day. We've had 10 children who are faithfully attending. All but two were out tonight with their families to watch a Torchlighter video on Gladys Aylward. One family who visited may visit our church on Wednesday nights. That would be a blessing as we have been praying for our midweek service to grow.

We had the possibility of 70 plus mile an hour winds this evening with Storm Dudley. God kept us safe and I'm thankful that we did not cancel our service. We moved our Friday HBC to tomorrow as another named storm hits on Friday. This one looks to be a snow and wind event. They are saying it is a historic storm that could bring gusts of 100 MPH to England and Wales. (In case you don't know we are all connected with Scotland in the North.)

With regard to our church, God's definitely given us some encouraging prospects lately. Thank you for praying.

Busy week :)

15/02/2022 21:52

We had a great start to our HBC with 10 children out. With our workers there were close to 20 of us and it was a lot of fun. All of our family members were well enough to attend. Mac has a cough that flares up at night and we'd appreciate your prayers for that tickle to go away. He feels well otherwise.

God blessed our day of prayer in Blair Atholl. There were 3 of us and it was worth the drive as it always is. I know that God is using these prayer times and I always leave looking forward to our next get together. 

The Lord brought us into contact with a young Christian family who is settling somewhere in our general area. Please pray for God's leading and provision in their lives as they just immigrated 3 weeks ago. We actually sold them a car and he said, "We don't believe it is an accident that we met your family." I don't either. I'm thankful that God has brought another Christian family to Scotland.

They came :)

13/02/2022 14:24

If you read this blog frequently, you may remember that my wife and I had an amazing morning doing door to door several weeks back. We had every confidence that we would see some at church that we had met. One of those families came today (a young mother with two children.) We still hope to see another of those families attend. So, we are praising the Lord for His goodness.

This morning we looked at Psalm 103 where David reflects on WHO GOD IS and WHAT GOD HAS DONE. It's a refreshing passage and we were blessed by it.

Illness is still impacting our church. Some in our family stayed home today. Another family was unable to attend. Please pray that our church can get beyond the illness that has been hurting our attendance.

Also, we'd very much appreciate your prayers for a school break Holiday Bible Club that we are running this week. It will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10:30 - 12:30. We anticipate some visitors being in attendance. Thank you for praying.

Very busy....

07/02/2022 15:58

Thank you for your prayers for our busy Sunday. It was a great day and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We left our house at 8:45AM and returned home around 8:30PM. 

God gave us a a very special day. First of all a young married couple visited the church. A man in our church had invited them about 6 weeks ago. They really enjoyed their time with us and stayed for the fellowship meal after the morning service.

I preached yesterday morning from Deuteronomy 30, Chose Life. Sunday School was David introducing Goliath to the Lord of Hosts.

We drove about a half hour away in the afternoon to fill pulpit for Pastor Dillman who is on a short trip to the States. Praise the Lord there was a good turnout to church even though 2:30 is not their normal service schedule. We returned to collect some children and have our evening service.

Today God gave me a great divine appointment in a village about 30 miles from our home. This village, Gullane, is surrounded by a links Golf Course which has been the field of play for the British Open. The man I witnessed to has a home that looks out on the course. He said jokingly that Sundays are for golf. I spoke with him for at least 15 minutes. Please pray that God will awaken Ken's heart. I'm thankful God had me there this morning. 

Throwing out a lifeline.

02/02/2022 12:13

I was able to get out Monday and today (Wednesday) doing flyers. I must be getting whimpy as yesterday was too windy to get out. We had wind speeds close to 50mph most of the day. Thankfully the winds were away today.

God gave me a great divine appointment on Monday. A man had just finished unloading a lot of construction equipment from his truck just as I passed by. Gary is from an hour and a half away on the North West side of Glasgow.

Our conversation was definitely of the Lord and I said that to him. God's timing was perfect as he was just done with his work and able to rest a few minutes as we chatted. He said, "Yes and it has come at a turning point in my life." Gary has turned his life around a bit. He gave me a fist bump as we parted and promised to email me. I had asked him to do that so that I could send him some church details from his area.

Well, praise the Lord, he kept his word and emailed me yesterday. He said, "Thanks for speaking with me but I've ben Catholic for almost 40 years and don't think I can stray form it."

This morning I sent him a lengthy email :) which included details to a missionary friends ministry in Glasgow. Please pray that God would work a miracle of His grace in Gary's life and bring him to saving faith. 

Meanwhile, I put out between 3-4 hundred flyers in these two days and I'd appreciate you praying for God to bring forth lasting fruit from my labours. Thanks for your prayers.

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