Christmas Eve

24/12/2023 13:50

Our hearts were saddened yesterday to find out that one of our regular attendees had passed away. Her husband was with us in church this morning. Please pray for God's grace for him and his family.

We had goot attendance this morning and enjoyed showing everyone the progress on the sanctuary. We are all excited to soon have this part of the project finished.

We enjoyed studying the docrtine of the Holy Spirit in SS. In the morning service, I preached on Jesus being presented to God at the Temple from Luke 2. My message was, "Behold Him" and questioned whether or not we see Him for Who He is. There was a good Spirit and we're thankful for God's blessing on our morning of ministry.

Tonight at 6pm is our church carol sing service. Some have indicated they will be there whom we've not seen in church for quite some time. Please pray with us that they will come and that the Gospel will be clearly presented.

Our church is blessed to have a great group of prayer and financial supporters behind us in our ministry and church work. May God bless each of you with a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Below are some pictures from our street evangelism in Edinburgh yesterday morning. Our church handed out candy canes with our Christmas Flyer.

Before and After...

21/12/2023 21:12

I'm very grateful to God for his goodness in helping us to finish the walls of the sanctuary. This was a two week endeavour of filling, sanding and painting. The walls have turned out beautifully. In case you have forgotten what the room looked like before, I'll put some before and after pics below.


busy times...

19/12/2023 20:21

We have a lot of plates spinning just now as we seek to finish the sanctuary with Christmas events taking place. Katie's Christmas tea was last Friday. On Sunday evening we will have our Carol Sing Service. We're putting out Christmas literature inviting our community to attend. Yesterday and today my famiy put literature out in our village of Auchendinny which is just under 3 miles from our church.

The church work is progressing. We are not just painting the walls, but repairing the walls as well. The walls are going to take 3-4 coats of paint. They have also been filled (spackled) and sanded twice. It's fun to see the end product beginning to be realised. The stage and baptistry are supposed to be built this week, but the men have not started working on it yet. We obtained a good quote on the carpet and believe we will move forward with what we had them price out.

We had a good Sunday and enjoyed having visitors from Singapore with us. I preached  a message on the final act of the Christmas Story from Matthew 2.

Thank you for praying for everything that is taking place. God's hand has been evident.


works update

14/12/2023 21:08

Today we received a good quote on the carpet and installation. We also put a second coat of paint on the front of the sanctuary where the stage is going to be built. We are very thankful for God's grace in progressing with the project.

building update

13/12/2023 21:59

We are poised to go forward in our building project. We have been working hard on the sanctuary this week preparing the walls for painting. Today we were able to begin the painting. I put a fun time-lapse video on our church facebook page. Here is a link to our page if you'd like to see it.  I will put some photo's below as well of the first coat of paint. Next week the stage and the baptistry are scheduled to be built.

Pastor Dillman helped me put out our Christmas flyer this morning. God blessed and we were able to cover a good area. We also had a divine appointment with a young lady who had expressed interest in visiting the church several months ago. Please pray for her to follow through on that desire. We dearly long to see people from our community come through our doors.

We enjoyed a good Bible study this evening. We picked up our study on the life of David with lesson 49 this evening from 1 Samuel 26. It was a fun text to get back into the story as it records a story of courage and faith.

Thank you for your prayers. God's hand has been evident.

Street Preaching

11/12/2023 13:17

The Lord gave adequate weather today to get out preaching on the street in Edinburgh. God gave liberty and encouragement today. 

It's heart breaking to consider how many people are on their way to Hell and who are careless about their soul. Spiritual well being used to concern human beings. Sadly, most people today are not concerened about their soul.

 Please pray for the power of God on our evangelism. God ALONE has the power to awaken the hearts of men. God helps us to be faithful as tools in His hand. Thank you for praying for our Gospel ministries.

Sunday blessings....

10/12/2023 12:54

It was a joy to have more people out for SS and church this morning than we have had for the past few weeks. We thank God for our church family. It's wonderful when we are able to fellowship with one another.

I preached this morning on, "Comfort for God's People" from Isaiah 40. It was good to focus on the reasons for comfort as well as the Divine Person who comforts us.

Tonight we are looking forward to our evening service and then decorating the church for Christmas. We're also excited about our Ladies' Christmas Tea on Friday at 6pm. Please pray for God to work in the hearts of ladies in our community and that they would want to come. All who come will enjoy it! Please also pray for Katie as she plans and prepares for that evening.


Outreach and LIGHTS

06/12/2023 21:06

I was able to get out doing evangelism with Pastor Dillman in his area today. We put out a lot of invitations for their Carol Sing service. Please pray for God to bless those flyers and bring out people for that evening of ministry.

Afterwards I put out around 100 flyers near our church location. Please pray for our first event on Friday of next week, the Ladies' Christmas Tea. This will be our first one to be held at our church location.

We finished our study of 1 Peter tonight with around 35 lessons. The final verses were a blessing although we probably have read them without thought many times. We gleaned some good truths from them.

In other news, our exterior lighting is installed and it is fabulous. God gave wisdom and guidance and we praise HIS NAME! Thanks for praying for our church building project. It continues to move forward.

Exterior Lighting being Installed

05/12/2023 19:36

Our electricians are working hard to install exterior lighting on the church this week. It's already looking great! There are 4 more up and down lighters to be installed and then the job will be completed. Here are some pics.

Back at it and enjoying the ministry.

03/12/2023 12:59

Thank you for your prayers for my travels. I had a wonderful time with my parents and extended family. I can't imagine a better two weeks away. 

Our attendance was down this morning, but I enjoyed teaching and preaching. My  morning message was on, "Wise Character" from Proverbs 2:10-21. I articulated 3 character traits which help us to succeed in life and in eternity.

We have some special events coming up for which we'd appreciate your prayers. On 15 December we have our Ladies Christmas Tea. Then on 24 December we have our annual carol sing service and on New Year's Eve is our family fun night. We've printed several thousan invitations and will begin to put those out this week.

Our weather is cold and there is snow on the ground. The kids are enjoying sledging (sledding) and it looks beautiful. We're excited about this Christmas season and what God is going to do.



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