Urgent Prayer Request

27/08/2023 13:32

Many of you will be aware that Brother Steve Anderson had a significant health emergency. Yesterday morning about 10:30, Brother Steve had a stroke. We spent the day at the hospital and we were back there this morning as well. We're heading back there this afternoon.

Thankfully, the hopsital is close to our home. Please pray for God's intervention and for all the symptoms to depart. Brother Steve had several good times yesterday when the symptoms would almost all go away. That has not been the case since last evening and into this morning. I last saw him around 9AM and Martha has been with him since then.

Please pray for God's incredible grace and strength. We're surprised, but God is not. Please pray for everyone's eyes to stay on Him and for His goodness and mercy to be seen in tangible ways. One of the ways God's hand was seen is that God put on my heart a very appropriate message which I thought I had prepared for next week. Brother Steve was going to preach our 3 services today. Instead I preached from 1 Samuel 30 on, "From Crisis to Conquest." Tonight I am preaching on the great faith healer, Jesus Christ as we continue our series in the book of Mark. 

It's good at a time like this to know the Shepherds loving care and that has been evident. No doubt, much of HIs grace being observed is due to the fervent prayers of God's people. Please raise your voice with  them and ask for God to do a powerful work of His grace for the Andersons. Your prayers and encouragement to them are much appreciated.

PS. Friday we enjoyed going with the Anderson's to the David Livingstone museum (birthplace.)


Some encouragement

24/08/2023 13:50

The Lord has given us some encouragement lately. We enjoyed having 4 visitors at church last Sunday PM. We had 3 first time children and an adult join us. It was fun to have good attendance on a Sunday PM. We're also looking forward to having Steve and Martha Anderson with us starting tomorrow evening. Please pray for grace for the Andersons as they are in the middle of a long trip visitng many ministries in Ireland and the UK.

I was able to get out street preaching yesterday. I'm thankful for the enablement God gives and know that many are praying. Thank you for your support in that Gospel endeavour.

We added a Gospel flag in the front of our church with John 3:16 on it. Our location is on a busy walking route and many vehicles travel past as well. The vehicles often stop of necessity near this sign to allow for oncoming traffic. Please pray for God to use this verse in the hearts of those who see it.

Sunday AM

20/08/2023 12:40

Those who were able to attend church this morning enjoyed good fellowship and good time in God's Word. We nearly finished Dr. Ed Nelson's, "Growing in Grace" this morning during our S.S. hour. It has been a good study for us.

In the AM service I preached on, "Numbering Our Days" from the Psalm of Moses, Psalm 90

Thank you for praying for God's work at SFBC!

Wednesday update take two....

16/08/2023 22:05

I don't always do a Wednesday update, but I have great news. A young man (27) whom we have known for 10 years attended church this evening and trusted Christ as His Saviour. He is excited and so are we. God is so very good! How we long for more people to know the joy of having Christ as their Saviour.

Our Wednesday study has been on 1 Peter. Tonight was trusting God through suffering. Thanks for praying for Southside Free Baptist Church.

Safe travel and outreach update

16/08/2023 13:54

God blessed our family with some really sweet times with all the kids home this summer. Kay Lee and Benson flew back on Tuesday to prepare for the start of the Autumn Semester at Ambassador Baptist College in NC. We'll miss them, but we are excited about how God is leading and working in their lives. 

On Monday, I did street preaching in Edinburgh with several in our family handing out literature. Today, Don Dillman and I met on Princess Street to do some street evangelism. Thank you for praying for the street preaching. It is Festival Season right now with several international festivals taking place. It is prime time to be in Edinburgh declaring the truth of God's Word.  I definitely need God's enablement that I may "open my mouth boldly" to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. I love doing this, but recognise my need every time for God's enablement. Thanks for your prayers.

Yesterday our ministry was helping someone catch up on their gardening after having a tough season of life. I'm thankful the Lord led us to help them and get a physical burden off of their shoulders. 

Also, Katie put together back to school gifts for kids and their parents as school resumed here today. She enjoyed seeing many that visited our NBT. Please pray for God's grace for these many families.

In other news, Katie is getting ready to start up schooling with the kids. Your prayers for her busy ministry as mom and children's teacher at church, church pianist, etc. etc. are much appreciated. 

The Angels are Singing Again

13/08/2023 12:59

We rejoice this morning that God's saving grace was received today at our church property. What a blessing to show someone from His Word how to be forgiven of their sins and to receive His gift of everlasting life. Please pray for this new born believer as they grow in the Lord.

Our door to door went well yesterday. Due to rain, we did instruction on door to door first and then were able to get out for a short while. The fruit today is a direct result of that effort and an encouragement to us to be faithful in the work God has called us to do.

I preached this morning on, "Spiritual Leadership Success" from the life of Joshua. We have reason to anticipate success if we follow the "way to success" which God gave to Joshua as recorded in Joshua 1:1-9.

Your prayers are much appreciated as we seek to further establish Southside Free Baptist Church. Thank you for keeping up and for praying.


building progress and evangelism

11/08/2023 21:55

God gave us some good opportunities to share the Gospel this week. On Monday Benson went with me as I preached on Princess St. in Edinburgh. On Wednesday, I joined Pastor Dillman in Livingstone to hand out tracts at the mall and do door to door. We're planning to do door to door tomorrow and have two who will be joining us for their first time. Your prayers are much appreciated for God's grace as they learn a new ministry.

We're excited to be moving forward on the building this week. On Tuesday we began the renovations of the santuary by having all of the wiring put in. The  electricians were there for four days and have nearly finished running the wires in the sanctuary.

Also, we were able to have new front doors installed. They are lovely and make our church so much more inviting. Since these are glass doors, we will be able to shut them and still have people aware that we are open. The previous doors were solid and had to be left open.

Today I began the installation of the floor in the entry. I was able to get it mostly laid, but have some finishing to do tomorrow. We enjoyed a good Wednesday night of ministry as we met again in the Activity Centre at church. I preached a message in a series on 1 Peter on, "How to suffer correctly when suffering as a Christian."




Men's camp and Sunday morning

06/08/2023 14:37

Men's camp was a lot of fun. There were 22 in total and we had 6 in attendance from our church. The village where we stayed, Cullen, is a beautiful harbor village in North East Scotland. They had dormitory accomodations with a small gymnasium, food hall and fellowship area. We enjoyed having 4 preaching session over the course of the 3 days.

It is now great to be back home and into a more normal schedule. The only thing unusual this week is a day of prayer for ministers in Blair Atholl on Tuesday. These are ALWAYS  a blessing and we appreciate your prayers for God's hand to be evident upon that day.

We've seen a good number of visitors to church lately. This past Wednesday night there were 4 children present who had never been in our Wednesday kid's club. Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying for numerical growth.

Our attendance was good this morning and we enjoyed catching up wtih some whom we had not seen for a few weeks. The AM message was from 1 Corinthians 10:12-14 on, "Escaping Temptation." SS was a discipleship lesson on finding the will of God. Both of these truths are vital to helping us keep a close walk with God. Tonight we will be doing a doctrinal study and having the Lord's table.

In church building news, new front doors are scheduled to be installed on Tuesday. We're also getting ready to move forward on the sanctuary. Your prayers for wisdom are much appreciated as we seek to complete these projects for the LORD. Thanks for praying.

PS. Photo of Dunottar Castle from our picnic on the way to men's camp. Photo of our new banner flag in front of our church.


rain, rain, won't go away....

02/08/2023 21:43

It has rained most of the time we've been back in Scotland. I guess it has made it easier this week for me to get caught up on life. I've needed extra study time the beginning of this week as some of us leave tomorrow for men's camp. We have 3 men and 3 boys heading North around ten tomorrow. Please pray for God to do a great work in all the hearts of those who will be in attendance. 

In other news, our church successfully registered a new address. Our church address is now offically, "Southside Free Baptist Church, Dryden Terrace, Loanhead EH20 9JL." God has been so good to help us navigate through the business side of owning this property. Please pray for continued grace as there are some ongoing paperwork needs. 

We have enjoyed several visitors lately. On Sunday PM we had 3 visitors  and tonight we had 3 more. It is a blessing to get to minister to those whom God brings. I preached this evening on speak up, stand up from 1 Peter 4:11. We appreciate your prayers for God's work at Southside Free Baptist Church.

PS. We have loads of holiday pics. This very windy pic was taken from the French side of the English Channel.

The Prayer Ladder

30/07/2023 13:05

We didn't set any attendance records this morning, but God gave us a good morning with those who were present. It was very good to be back in our church building with our church family. I preached this morning from Psalm 86 on climbing the ladder of prayer and ringing the bell of heaven. I needed our focus this morning as it reminded me of Who God is and the privilige He has given to us in prayer.

After three interesting weeks of life - NBT, holiday, familly camp, we have yet another interesting week ahead of us. This Thursday - Saturday is Scottish men's camp in Northern Scotland East of Inverness. Please pray for God to do a good work in the hearts of the men who will be in attendance. We had a great time last year. This year, instead of tents, they have rented a facility. (Perhaps our tents getting thrashed by high winds and rain as well as the primitive nature of our experience enouraged this new step.) lol ... We are looking forward to what God is going to do. Please pray for God's rich blessing on all who attend.

PS. Here is a picture from camp of our speaker and his wife. The Anderson's are dear friends and Brother Steve is also our field administrator as he oversees Africa and Europe for BWM.

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