Diamond Jubilee!

04/06/2012 11:27

I'm sure you are aware that Queen Elizabeth is celebrating 60 years as Queen. So, today and tomorrow are holidays.  Most people I saw today were hurrying to some destination.  But, I did have two opportunities to briefly witness as I put out flyers in Billston for a couple hours.

Parker and Nelson are much better today.  Thanks again for your prayers for our health.


This is the day the Lord hath made....

03/06/2012 13:40

....we will rejoice and be glad it in.

This wasn't our plan but it was God's plan.  Parker and Nelson were still ill this morning.  So, Kay Lee, Benson, Logan and I, went to Sunday School and church.  Alec joined us for the morning service.  Instead of having a normal service, we sang the hymns and read the story of the crucifixion.  Honestly, it was a good morning at church and I am encouraged from our time there.  However, we want to get back to "normal" if there is such a thing.  So, please pray for wisdom about this illness and for God's healing hand.

Michael let me know that he was helping a friend move this morning and that he wouldn't be in church.  It was good to hear from Him.  Please pray that God will meet the needs in his heart.

I anticipate an attendance increase, Lord willing, next week.  We've cancelled our service this evening.  The message I didn't preach this morning is one that applies to our situation.  Peter and the disciples fished all night with nothing to show for it.  But, then Jesus told them where to fish.  God knows how to build a church.  Please pray for His blessing and guidance. It's His work not ours. He's faithful.  Thanks for praying!

Progress Report

02/06/2012 13:13

Just a short note to say that Mayzie Hikin is out of the hospital.  The Hikins were supposed to be leaving for England today but they are going to wait until Monday.  Their family is going to rest up for a couple of days. They would appreciate your continued prayers.

Nelson had a low grade fever again this morning and Parker has been in bed all day complaining about his tummy.  So, please pray for wisdom and grace for tomorrow. We are amazed at how much illness has hindered our ministry this year.  God is in control.  Thanks for praying.

Doing better :)

01/06/2012 15:04

Well, it seems we have turned the corner on this thing and everyone is heading in the right direction.  We went on a family outing this morning and took a bucket and paper towels just as a precaution.  Thank the Lord, they weren't needed.

Mark Hikin just called and asked that we pray for their baby, Mazie.  She has had this "bug" since Monday and is being admitted to the hospital for dehydration.  So, please pray for her soon recovery.

The house that we viewed turned out to be a no.  We thank the Lord for His clear leading.  Please pray that God will give us wisdom as we seek His will.  Housing here is very expensive and much smaller.  It is hard to find a home that is adequate for our family size. Most of the housing here is attached housing.  It is kind of like duplexes in the states; but, it could be attached on both sides. Housing is one of the biggest adjustments to moving over here.  So, please ask for God's provision and direction as we seek His will.

Letter to Brother Tom

31/05/2012 15:29

Most of you know that I am in daily contact with our sponsor, Tom Gritts. Please pray for brother Tom.  His heart has been beating irregularly and he is on manditory rest. He is awaiting a procedure to shock his heart.  I know that Gail and Tom would appreciate your prayers.

 Today I'll just post my letter to him which will fill you in on what is going on in our lives.  You'll see that we are praying about moving if it is the Lord's will. Please pray with us about this.


Dear Brother Tom,

Here is the play by play - We are doing a bit better today. Parker is quite well. Logan got up in the night because he was feeling ill. He ended up going the other way. Nelson's fever has gone away, praise the Lord, but he vomited this morning after taking food for the first time. He's still not great but definitely better.

So, I went to a home viewing with Kay Lee and Benson first thing this morning. The home could not be more functional. It would be amazing if the Lord allowed us to get it. We want His will. We've given the landlord's a letter of intent. They have four other applicants. Please pray for God's guidance.

After I got back I had to turn around and take Logan into an appointment with a neurosurgeon to review Logan's CT scan. He has some large openings in his skull from his restructuring surgery at 6 months of age. The doctor does not recommend an additional surgery at this point because his bones should continue to fill in for another half year or so. Please pray that God will fill in the gaps. The danger is if he falls on a sharp implement. But, the danger seems less risky than surgery which has a 10 percent infection rate to install synthetic material.

This afternoon I've been preparing a message on, "When God Fills Your Net" from Luke 5:1-11. We've cancelled the service tonight due to this virus. Ahmed texted me back and is coming to visit us soon. Please pray that God will work in His heart.  

Praying for you,


Sick bay.

30/05/2012 13:59

We are doing pretty well, however, the concern is that this thing is going to go the rounds.  Parker has been in his bed all day complaining about his tummy.  Nelson has run a high fever since yesterday.  He stopped being sick but he has not had hardly any food and little fluids. So, please pray for the little guy to perk up. The Hikins are still struggling with this as well.

In case you are wondering why we are so excited about a stomach virus, we have had nearly constant stomach viruses since the beginning of March.  After you get this thing you feel unwell for a long time. Kay Lee was crying last night because she was afraid that she was going to get it.  (That kind of gives you an idea of how we all feel about it.)

Katie is calling this, "Scotland's version of Malaria."  We have friends that are on far more difficult fields medically.  But, for some reason, this thing has been bothersome and seemingly recurring.

So, please continue to pray our health. "God is good and doeth good."  He is encouraging us. Please also pray that Katie will be refreshed as she has been up part of the last two nights with Nelson. Thanks for praying. 


Health update

29/05/2012 13:49

Well, I want to update you on our health because we mentioned it in our prayer letter.  The Hikins were unable to come on Sunday evening because their baby was sick to her stomach.  Matthew the next oldest is now sick as well.  Last night, our youngest, Nelson, got sick during the night and has been sick today.  

Would you please pray that God would intervene and heal our families? Sickness also kept Michael from church this past Thursday. (I'm not sure if he is still ill.)

God is in control.  We know that.  Please pray for His grace and continued help. Please pray that He will use this to strengthen our walk with Him. Thank you for taking this need to the Lord.


28/05/2012 13:49

This morning, I took a bus into Edinburgh and handed out flyers.  (For the kids out there reading this - it is fun to serve the Lord!  Today I got to walk around the most beautiful city I've ever seen and talk to people about God and His Word. I can't think of anything I would rather have done this morning.) The Lord gave me 4 really good witnessing opportunities.

I was talking to some men who were definitely on something.  They had just left with some disagreeable words when Gavin came by.  He was very kind and we walked together for quite a ways as we talked about God.  He doesn't know what to believe and said that he "wants" to believe.  I encouraged Him to get into God's Word.  

Adrian does not believe in God.  But, he was kind to converse with me.  He is living for the "here and now" and has no time to pursue faith in God. I hope he'll take the time to start seeking after God. We talked for about 15 minutes.

James was my best opportunity.  He is 18 and has been thinking about God since the recent death of his grandfather. He was very attentive as I shared with Him some proofs God has given in His Word which show the Bible to be His Divine revelation. James was very thankful for our conversation.  He lives near a good Baptist church in Clermiston which I encouraged him to visit.  Please pray that God will continue to work in this young man's heart.

I also had a good chat with a couple who ran in the Edinburgh Marathon yesterday. They both finished despite the heat.  They were from Cornwall, England.

God's good. He opened some doors this morning.  The Gospel was sown and God has promised that if we sow we will reap.  People were very receptive today.

Summer continues

27/05/2012 14:05

Well, this must be the longest stretch of gorgeous weather we have ever experienced here. We anticipated a hot evening in church but didn't anticipate one this morning.  However the heat was on this morning when we arrived and it was roasting.  Thankfully it cooled down considerably before our morning service.

The Hikins were with us in Sunday School.  Alec and Connie joined us for the morning service.  It's been good to see Connie back in church.  Thank you for taking that need to the Lord.

My message from Acts 16 was, "From Beating to Blessing."  If you'd like to read it, I've already put it on our church website -

Tonight we are going to take ice cream for after the service.  Hopefully it won't be too hot or we will be moving outside for the service. 

If you are reading this and it is 90 degrees, I don't anticipate much compassion for our suffering. But I would say that Connie is from Zimbabwe and she is struggling with the heat. :) Thanks for following along with what the Lord is doing in our ministry!

Sunburned! :)

26/05/2012 15:09

Well the weather has been amazing.  It is impossible to update without mentioning that our lovely HOT weather continues. (My wife just said, "You know it's hot when your washed clothes dry (including sweat shirts) in four hours." They also are hot like they just came out of the dryer! AMAZING. Point of interest: most people air dry their clothes here.)

Kay Lee was my door to door partner this morning.  The Lord gave us two good opportunities.  Hugh (82) talked with us for about 15 minutes as we showed him some verses in the Bible.  Marjorie also let us show her many verses from God's Word.  It seems possible that she could visit our church.  Please pray that she would.

It was our family and the Hikins on Thursday night.  Michael was home sick.  Please pray for his recovery. 

Last night the kids had a water fight on our deck.  I'll include some pics below.  Thanks for your prayers!


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