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Hurricane Sally

19/09/2020 08:22
We've had a very interesting week as we were in Pensacola from Sunday evening to Thursday morning. Hurricane Sally was just off shore for most of that time, before coming on shore on Wednesday morning. God answered prayer for us in a very specific way and allowed us to move in with a church family...

Church meeting location

07/09/2020 14:27
I believe we will be able to begin meeting as a church again next Sunday. The Glencourse Centre in Auchendinny (across from our home) has a time slot on Sunday PM available. We're going to change our meeting schedule and have a 5:00PM Sunday School and a 6:00 PM (Sunday AM in the PM) service. Our...

Getting ready to head South

31/08/2020 17:05
This past week we have been in Iowa. Our time with Mt. Olive Baptist Church in IL last Sunday was a blessing. The church is out in the corn fields of IL. You understand why when you see the date the church began - 1860's.  Last night we were at Fellowship Baptist in Marshalltown, IA. The...

A busy travel week.

18/08/2020 10:43
The Lord gave us a great day at Fellowship Baptist in Taylors SC. The church provided some wonderful meals for all of us including extended family and friends. The fellowship at Fellowship was great. We were blessed to be with them. Tomorrow we have a meeting at Martinez, GA and then Sunday we are...

One month completed

11/08/2020 13:13
We have just completed our first of three months of furlough. God has been very good to us. We have seen all of our immediate family and are enjoying great times with all of them. Our meetings are going very well.  This past Sunday we had a meeting at Grace Baptist in Pelzer with Pastor...


07/08/2020 11:03
We are now down South in North Carolina. This past weekend was a busy travel weekend. On Saturday we went from LaCrosse, WI to Fremont, MI. We enjoyed spending the weekend at Katie's home church. It was a blessing to get to know the pastor and get caught up with the church family. We also enjoyed...

Ministry Update

29/07/2020 11:07
God has blessed our 5 meetings thus far. We had two this past Sunday. The first was in Sauk City, WI. Please pray for God's provision of a pastor for this dear church family. Their former pastor (Pasotr Lyndsey) and his wife are going as missionaries to Liberia next month. Please pray for the...

Article in Advertiser

24/07/2020 15:16
The article I wrote for our county newspaper came out yesterday. A lady in our church bought a copy and sent us a picture. Please pray that God will use the paper article and the online copy.

Another good Sunday

21/07/2020 11:44
We had a busy travel weekend as we moved up to Wisconsin on Saturday. We parked our travel trailer at my brother's near LaCrosse and traveled from there to our two churches. Sunday was a full day as we left before 8:00 AM and got back just after 11:00 PM. Our first church was in New Lisbon where we...

Safe in the USA

15/07/2020 18:39
Thank you for praying for our travels. All went very well. After 21 hours of travel we arrived at my Aunt's in Illinois last Thursday. My parents and grandma surprised us and were at the house waiting for us. Friday was a down day. Saturday we drove 5 hours to my home church and our sending church...
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