Wonderful Sunshine!

12/05/2012 11:35

Benson and I just got back from doing door to door.  The Lord gave us two good opportunities to speak to people about the Lord.  

The young mother attends the church of Scotland about once a month.  She believes that good people go to Heaven. Unfortunately, I've never met a person who attends the parish church here who says anything about Jesus when asked about salvation. We had a good brief chat.  

Please pray for Clint (35).  We spoke to him for 20 minutes. He believes in God but has never read the Bible or gone to church.  Please pray that our conversation would be the encouragement that he needs to begin that pursuit.  Thanks for your prayers.

From Katie:

11/05/2012 21:17

No, I'm not hacking my husband's page, I've been asked to share my day!  Dobbie's is a wonderful garden centre shop with an attached cafe.  Jenni texted me and asked me to meet her there this morning.  I was able to take Kay Lee and Benson along with me.  I thought they would enjoy the treat of having a children's breakfast.  While I talked with Jenni at one table, the children ate their breakfast, did a Bible study that I printed out for them, and enjoyed a game of UNO at their own table.  I gave Jenni a discipleship book, please pray that this helps her as she desires to learn God' Word.

This afternoon I took the children, and two Sunday School children to a birthday party.  They all enjoyed 1 1/2 hours at a soft play centre, pizza, chips, and ice cream!



It has rained all day....

10/05/2012 19:41

...but we had a good service tonight.  Michael, Sky and the Hikin fam. were all present.  Michael came at half five *5:30, and we reviewed his discipleship lesson.  He has added scripture memory this week and had 3 verses ready which he quoted.  

In the adult Bible study, we studied a Psalm about Christ, Psalm 24.  We enjoyed our study and had a sweet prayer time.  Thanks for praying for us.

Divine appointment

09/05/2012 14:49

Some of you know that my favorite divine appointments happen with a fishing rod (preferably in my hand.)  Last night the fly rod was in a young lad's back pack.  He was with a small group of his friends and we started talking fishing.  He gave me some good ideas which I hope to implement sometime in the near future.  

After chatting about fishing for a while, I began to ask them about their beliefs.  He said that he did believe in God and expressed unbelief in evolution.  When I asked them about sin, they said, "What is that?"  I said, "You know what sin is...."  They firmly declared that they did not.  We enjoyed a good chat about the Bible and this young man admired my awareness of what the Bible teaches.  It makes you wonder if some kids want to have answers but don't have anyone around them who knows the answers. Thank you for praying for these opportunities.

Please pray that God will water the seed that was sown.

Paintings Complete!

08/05/2012 15:28

Benson and I just got back from painting with Mr. Alec.  We are going to take a break from painting until after the summer.  So, Benson and I finished up our paintings today.  The kids have normally done landscapes but Benson did shapes this time.  He has been wanting to do this for a while.  As you can see below our paintings are quite different.  My painting is from a historic Alabama site which we visited on deputation. I'll put a close up of mine but I think you can see Benson's well enough from a distance.

Yesterday I put out a few hundred flyers.  Please continue to pray for God to use these.  Last night Michael came over for Tea *supper.  Kirk and Carrie were visiting with us last night as well.  (They are currently on a plane bound for the good old USA.  They will be there for a couple weeks for weddings.) We had a good time of fellowship.  Michael just texted me a verse by memory.  Please continue to pray for him.

Timothy joined us today for lunch.  It was good to catch up with him.  Please pray that his schedule will "allow" him to get to church.  We've missed him recently.

Sunday PM

06/05/2012 20:31

We had good attendance tonight.  The Hikin family, Michael and Constance were present. We studied God's Chastening and Man's Contentment.  Afterwards we had the Lord's Supper.  We are praising the Lord for a good day.

A wee bit nippy....

06/05/2012 14:27

We are a little chilled today.  Our boiler went down last night and the repairman is coming later this afternoon (we hope.)  As you can see by the weather on the home page, it is a little chilly this weekend.  So, the kids came down all bundled up this morning.  Logan and Parker slept with their robes on.  Logan gets the style award this morning for his crazy glasses.

The church services went well. Mark brought five of his children this morning.  Michael was also there for Sunday School. He got to church at about 9:30 which gave us time to go through his second discipleship lesson, baptism.  He is showing great understanding and doing a super job on his book.  Alec joined us for the morning service.  I preached on Zechariah 3:1-5, "From Rags to Riches."  Thanks for praying for our church.

Returned and Refreshed!

05/05/2012 19:00

Thanks for your prayers this week as we went on holiday (vacation.)  We had a great time.  God gave us better health and better weather every day.  We began in a misty, foggy, cold Monday and had great days Tuesday - Friday. 

The Lord gave several good witnessing opportunities this week.  I witnessed to a lady named, Dot, at the place where we stayed. She doesn't believe in God but she was thinking as I chatted with her.  Please pray that she will open her heart to the Lord.  Another good witnessing opportunity was Ryan.  He is 21 and just has not thought about God.  You hear that here and I believe those who tell me that.  Why should they think about God when they are taught that evolution is fact?  He was very interested in the conversation and I hope he will look at our church website. He definitely was thinking about things that he had not thought about before.

God is good.  He gave us just what we needed this past week.  If you would like to see some pictures from our holiday please view the "Photogallery" page. Thanks for your prayers.

A unfortunate coincidence

29/04/2012 13:02

Thank you for praying for strength for us for today.  The Lord gave us the strength that we needed this morning and we had a good morning.  Michael, Adelle, and the Hikins were present for Sunday School and church.  I asked for short testimonies about when you got saved this morning and Michael shared his testimony from Thursday night.  That was a blessing.

The unfortunate coincidence took place during the morning service.  I was preaching on, "The Blood" from the first passover and the last supper, when Nelson hit Parker with a tool in the nursery.  Katie had to get our resident Doctor, Dr. Pilkington (Adelle) to help stop the flow of blood.  Thankfully Parker is ok and will not need stitches.

Please continue to pray from our recovery from another virus.  Lord willing, this week will be a good week of rest as we go on Holiday (vacation) Monday - Friday.  We may not update our page this week - but know that we appreciate your prayers.  Thanks for keeping up with our ministry.

Health update

28/04/2012 17:40

Kay Lee is in the system now to get an appointment with a GI doctor.  So, praise the Lord, we are moving forward with that.  Meanwhile, she has felt very well since Thursday night.

Please continue to pray for our health and for strength for tomorrow. We appreciate it very much! Thanks for your prayers.

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