A good day

07/10/2012 20:41

The Lord gave us a very good Sunday. It was well attended and Jim and Valerie Knies were a real blessing. We had visitors in both services. Please pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of those who attended. Tomorrow morning, Alec, Jim, Mark and I are heading over to Livingstone for a men's prayer breakfast. God is at work.  Please keep praying.

A very memorable day.

05/10/2012 20:42

Those who have followed these updates for a long time may know that we have an annual professional golf tournament pilgrimage.  Today was the day we attended the Dunhill Links Golf Championship played at Carnoustie, St. Andrews and Kinsbarns.  We went to Kingsbarns because the major players were there.

My two oldest went with me and Jim Knies. We collected Don Dillman on the way and met my brother in law, Kirk.

I'm smiling as I type this. (If you are uninterested in golf continue reading because you may know some of these.) Benson and Kay Lee got a once in a lifetime experience.  Benson got a golf ball from Martin Kaymer's caddy. Martin signed it for him and signed Kay Lee's brochure. Next Oscar Pistorius', the South African Paralympic blade runner, caddy gave Benson a ball. Oscar then signed Benson's ball and Kay Lee's program. Pablo Larrazabal gave Benson and Kay Lee a ball. AND (drum roll please) Michael Phelps, American swimmer, signed Benson's ball and Kay Lee's program.  Don Dillman got a good picture of Michael which I'll put below. Sir Steve Redgrave, Olympic rower, gave them both autographs as well. Wow...what a day.

The Lord also gave a few divine appointments today to witness briefly and give tracts. Two of those divine appointments helped Benson and Kay Lee get autographs. Sometimes the Lord just gives you the icing on the cake.  Praising the Lord for a good day.

Oh, and one more thing to make all those who enjoy watching golf just a tiny bit jealous....this is a free tournament. :)

(Michael Phelps autographing Benson's ball for him.)

Another good day

04/10/2012 19:50

The Lord gave me a divine appointment this morning as I walked.  I had seen this young father before and had been burdened for him. I saw him coming my way today and prayed that the Lord would give me a chance to speak with him.  Please pray for this young man. He and his wife lost a twin a couple years ago.  He said that is one reason he struggles with, "Is there a God?" I told him about David and his declaration that he would go to the child. I also shared with him our loss of a baby that would have been born last week.  It was a great opportunity.

God gave us a good service tonight. We studied Psalm 33 and the Beauty of Praise. "Praise is comely for the righteous."  God gave us a good service. Valerie Knies sang before I preached and the first hymn in her medley was about singing praise to the Lord.

Our church is excited about how God has answered the prayer for housing. Please contine to pray for a great Sunday. Brother Jim Knies is going to take all of our services that day.

Hungary friends

03/10/2012 22:50

We are enjoying having Missionaries Jim and Valerie Knies with us this week. They flew in from Budapest, Hungary yesterday. (And man were they tired....sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Today I took them into Edinburgh and played tour guide. The Lord gave a great divine appointment on the bus going into the city. Frazier (18) was sitting upstairs in the front of the double decker bus and so we took the three other front seats. I began speaking to Frazier about the Lord and witnessed to him for about 15 minutes. His only contact with religion is through what he had to learn for school. But, he believes in God and believes the Bible is His Word. He said when getting off, "Well, you've given me a lot to think about." Please pray that he won't stop thinking until he understands the truth.

We had a very sunny day and thoroughly enjoyed our trek around the city. I was able to witness again to the Guinness Book of World Records most pierced woman. She said, "Why is it that so many Christians come up to me to tell me about Jesus?" I told her, "It's because they love you and care about your soul." Praise God that our hearts turn towards someone who loudly demonstrates their need for our Lord. I told her that I would love to have her come visit our church.

Valerie enjoyed getting a musical saw lesson by an entertainer from Portugal. We also gave him a tract. It was a fun day. Please pray that God will bless Jim and Valerie as they enjoy this brief holiday. Please also pray for Brother Jim as he preaches for us on Sunday and introduces us to their ministry on Sunday night.

BIG HOUSE answer to prayer

01/10/2012 18:10

"Hope deferred maketh the heart sick but when that desire cometh it is a tree of life." 

The Lord has allowed us to acquire a home that is renting for the first time. It is only 400 yards from the place where we meet for church. Please understand most housing in the UK is smaller than the US.  This is a big home even by US standards.  It is a 4 bedroom property with 3 bathrooms. It has a huge living room and a large kitchen.  Most yards are also very small.  This one is about 30 by 80 feet.

I am not saying that to "brag" about the home we are getting. I am saying that to say, "God has done something really wonderful that only He could do."

I'll put some pics below for you to see. Thank you for digging in and patiently praying with us about this. We waited and God answered.  Praise His name.



30/09/2012 21:08

The Lord gave us great attendance today. I believe we may have gained a couple of faithful attendees which is a blessing. They are both older believers with good testimonies of God's saving grace. We also had a Christian family visiting for their second time. Please pray that God will give all of these wisdom about His will for their lives.

I preached this morning on, "The Ministry We Have" from II Corinthians 4:1-10, "Therefore seeing we have this ministry...."

Tonight was our family and the Hikin family as we studied, "Humility." It was a good day.  Praise the Lord. Thank you for praying.


28/09/2012 11:22

Thank you for continuing to pray about our housing need. We loved the house we viewed but we don't have peace about the distance. So, we will continue to watch and wait. Although closed doors aren't as exciting as open doors, we are confident that the Lord is leading in the process. Thanks for praying with us.

PS. We are currently in a townhouse. We have very limited space for entertaining. We also don't have a yard for the kids to play in. So, those are a couple of the reasons as to why we are prayerfully considering a move.

Great Thursday

27/09/2012 20:07

We had a beautiful day to get out and do flyers. Don and Chris Dillman came over today. Don and I put out flyers this morning for a couple hours in Loanhead. This afternoon we went to Eddleston, a village just over twenty minutes from Loanhead. It was a dual purpose trip. We have been praying and looking for larger housing. There is a potential rental home in that village. So, we were going to put flyers through the neighborhood to get a feel for the area.

But, the current renter was outside the home and he invited us in. We chatted with he and his wife for an hour. We were able to briefly speak about what we believe. They also filled us in on the home. It is a beautiful 4 bedroom home with a large garden. Please pray that we'll have wisdom about the Lord's will. We are viewing the property tomorrow morning with a letting agent. It will go quickly at the price it is offered. So, we'll need to make a decision to move or not move. Thanks for your prayers for our housing need. The distance is our greatest "concern."

Tonight we had a great turnout. We had 6 adults and 16 kids. It was a really fun evening. Thursday nights are a special blessing. Thanks for your prayers.

Brutal Weather

26/09/2012 08:52

The last three days have been mandatory office days. I couldn't get out if I wanted to....and I don't.  We have had a brake away low pressure system from a hurricane sitting over us. It's brought flooding and high winds. This is not really uncommon here. We've had many storms with gusts into the 70's since we've been here. (One storm had a gust over a hundred measured in Edinburgh.) So, hopefully that explains my lack of updates this week. I'm sure you don't want to read about what it's like to sit in my office and stair out the window.

Meanwhile, art class with Mr. Alec has begun again. Most of you know that I also get to participate. I've found out that I enjoy painting. This is my 6th or 7th painting and it's my favorite.  Hope you enjoy it. It is a castle in Scotland.

God Gave Us a Great Day

23/09/2012 19:44

The Lord gave us a sweet day in His house. Our church is becoming more and more of a family.  We had a good group out this morning. Two of our visitors were back with us. I preached on "Those Who Carried Things to Jesus."  If you have time, I think the notes would be a blessing to you. I quoted a lot of biographies this morning. (Look at the page Sundays Sermon)

This afternoon I collected Emmanuel and we hosted him at our home.  He joined us for church this evening. Lord willing, we will start collecting him each Sunday. (They don't say "picked up" here.  It kind of makes sense if you think about the word picture of picking somebody up.)

Christine and her boys also joined us this evening.  God's good.  He is answering your prayers.  Please keep praying as we keep plowing in hope.

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