Thursday Church Service

06/04/2012 16:20

05 April:  The Lord gave us a sweet spirit in our service tonight that encouraged both Katie and I.  The kids club went well and the adult Bible study was refreshing.  We had the Hikin family and visiting mother, Christine, with two of her children.  They attend another church but have visited with us before.  It was good to have them with us.  Please pray for the neighbor kids to keep coming even though there is more sunlight and warmer weather.  We've missed them the last two weeks.  Thanks for praying.

Let it snow!

03/04/2012 16:09

03 April, Tuesday:  This is just a fun note to say that although we didn't get hardly any snow this past winter, Spring has brought us a morning of beautiful snow showers. It looks like a shaken snow globe outside right now. I love interesting weather, so this is a fun day. Nelson has never seen snow like this and he was a little uncertain what was going on as he looked outside this morning. "Though our sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow."

Monday, April 2nd

02/04/2012 16:43


02 April, Monday: Katie and the kid's enjoyed a Easter party with some other MK homschooler's today. I got to watch my little buddy, Nelson today. God has given our family some refreshing times recently. I wanted you to be aware that we are transfering our webpage. I've not tranferred a domain before and we may get a hickup. Please pray for a smoothe transition. If for some reason, our webpage disappears, you may want to note the following url - Please write this down as this page may cease to exist. :) If that url does not work, please try our Thanks for keeping up with us.

27 March, 2012

27/03/2012 16:18

We are enjoying another beautiful day.  I enjoyed putting out flyers again this morning.  I witnessed to Brenda, Alan, Ian and Morris.  These were each good opportunities to share the Gospel.  Alan's father is a Baptist Minister in a nearby area.  His father's life changed at the age of 45.  That sounds like a conversion to me.  Iian is an Agnostic who doesn't know what to believe about God. Morris is a skeptic who said that he wants proof that there is a God. I'm preaching on Psalm 19 this Thursday and told him about the voice of natural revelation. These were all very good conversations and kind listeners. Please pray that the Lord will water the seed that was sown verbally and by flyer.  Thanks for praying.

First blog

10/02/2012 16:56

Our new blog has been launched today.  You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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